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"Until One Day"

October 2020

Gothic Tales of Haunted Futures, Renegade Arts Entertainment

Art and Story: Merissa Mayhew

How far can love carry a legacy?  For Rose, it is through her children, and her children’s children, and their families.  For Josephine, it is in her poetry.

Jo has always loved Rose, but there seems to be very little room for her feelings.  Unable to confess her love, she places them into what she knows best: the subtle art of poetry.  When Rose announces that she is to be married, Jo gives her best friend a pendant.  As they go their separate ways, Jo falls ill and passes away.  She then wakes up, realising that her spirit is attached to Rose’s locket.

And so Jo has no other choice to follow Rose as she continues to live her new life.  But while Jo no longer grows old, Rose does... and Jo must face the idea that nothing lasts forever, except the legacies of love.

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