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"Dreaming Beauty"

Summer 2023

Dream Weaver: Tales From The Subconscious, Level Ground Comics

Art and Story: Merissa Mayhew

What does she dream of, for all of those years?

After pricking her finger on a spindle, Princess Aurora falls into an eternal, deathless sleep, as prophesized by Nocturna, the evil fairy of dreams.

Yet the sleeping beauty dreams, and inside of them she must face the malicious fairy herself.  With no hope of breaking the curse, Aurora proposes a wager: a game of hide-and-seek.  If Aurora can find the fairy in her dreams within one hundred years, she will be granted one wish.  If she fails, she will be trapped forever in Nocturna's dark dream realms.

This retelling of Sleeping Beauty is featured in Level Ground Comic's anthology: Dream Weaver: Tales From The Subconscious.

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