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Merissa Mayhew Profile Picture 2023

Merissa Mayhew

Comics Artist, Illustrator, Writer


Merissa Mayhew is a Canadian illustrator, comics artist, and writer.  With a love for fantasy and a passion for storytelling, she is lovingly dedicated to her creative endeavours.  Having always been a dreamer, her work is full of magic and whimsy.


She currently lives in the prairies of Manitoba with her two cats, and hundreds of books about fairies, witches, and ghosts.



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Comic Work & Publications

(Forthcoming, 2024) - Reflections, WildStar Press.

2023 - "Dreaming Beauty", Dream Weaver: Tales From The Subconscious, Level Ground 
 (comic artist and cover artist).

2023 - "Sapphire", CHROMAdore, Independent.

2022 - "The Winds of Fortune", Songs of the Sea, WildStar Press.

2020 - "Until One Day", Gothic Tales of Haunted Futures, Renegade Arts Entertainment.

2019 - "The Nursery", Comeuppance Horror Comic Anthology, Brandoon Comics.

2018 - "Thief", Wintergreen: Drawn Stories on the Gift of Giving, Brandoon Comics.

2017 - "Windtide".


2022 - Sunny and the Bicycle Goblins, written by B.D. Mousseau.

2021 - Poster Design for Prairie Comics Festival 2022

Sept 2018 - Witches of Space, Time, and Honey, Self-published art book featuring Inktober drawings.

Spring 2018 - The Traveller, Self-published art development book.

Mar 2018 - Marie and the Beads, Métis Book Project.

Dec 2017 - The Master Plan, written by Edye Benedict.


Nov 2022 - Members' Artist Exhibition Show,

     Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba, Brandon MB

Jun to Sept 2022 - Brandon Hearts Bees,

     Bee City Brandon at the Tommy McLeod Curve Gallery, Brandon MB

Jun 2021 - Pollinator Art Show 2021,

     Bee City Brandon Digital Exhibition, Brandon MB

Aug 2020 - Members' Artist Exhibition Show,

     Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba, Brandon MB

Summer 2017 - In Love: The Lives of Small Town LGBT+People and Allies,

     Pembina Hills Art Council, Morden MB.

Art Zines

(Forthcoming) - Polar Lights 2: Dawn, A Charity Anthology Zine for Arctic and Antarctic Life (illustrator)

(Forthcoming) - Seasons of the Valley, Bone Fanzine (illustrator)

Sept 2023 - Rose OC Fashion Zine Vol 5: Stelliferous, Zine (illustrator)

April 2023 - Excalibur, BBC's Merlin Fanzine (illustrator)

April 2023 - Endure My Heart (cover artist)

Mar 2023 - Polar Lights, A Charity Anthology Zine for Arctic and Antarctic Life (illustrator)

Feb 2023 - A Femme So Fatal, Women of Horror Zine (illustrator)

Jan 2023 - CHROMAdore, A Sapphic Love Theme Zine (comic artist/illustrator).

Dec 2022 - Coniunctio, Houseki No Kuni Fan Zine (illustrator).

Nov 2022 - Rattle the Stars, Treasure Planet Fan Zine (illustrator).

Oct 2022 - Rose OC Fashion Zine Vol 4: Insects, Zine (illustrator).

Jun 2021 - Children of the Forest, Cartoon Saloon Fan Zine (illustrator and cover artist).

Jul 2020 - Soulmates, Voltron Fan Zine (illustrator and designer).

Jun 2020 - Wayward Leaves: Into the Unknown, Over the Garden Wall Fan Zine (illustrator).

Oct 2019 - Dazzling, Houseki No Kuni Fashion Zine (illustrator).

Aug 2019 - Moomin Valley Fashion Zine 2019, The Moomins Fan Zine (illustrator and designer).

Jan 2019 - Republic of Heaven, His Dark Materials Fan Zine (illustrator).


Interactive Media Arts Diploma Assiniboine Community College

BFA in Digital Arts Brandon University

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